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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's Chaturbate?

Chaturbate is an online cam website which is similar to MyFreeCams. However, it doesn't have the same community focus and is much more popular. With Chaturbate, shows are performed via free chat once a certain amount of tokens have been purchased by prospective viewers. In other words, there is a "reserve" that must be met before a person will begin a show – this is designed to ensure that a performer will be compensated properly.

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Q: What are Chaturbate tokens?

You have finally taken the leap and joined Chaturbate. The more involved you get, the more you see about Chaturbate tokens. What are these tokens and how exactly do you get them? This article gives you a brief explanation for how these tokens work and how you can earn them.

Chaturbate tokens are a form of money that's earned when broadcasting on or promoting the service, or spent while using the service to interact with the broadcasters. There are a variety of ways they can be purchased or earned.

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Q: Why do I have to enter my username?

By giving us your username we know for which account we need to generate the selected amount of tokens for. Same goes for upgrading the corresponding account if opted.

Note: We do not and will never ask for your password. Your account will not be at risk of being comprimised by using this Chaturbate token hack tool.

Q: Can I generate more than 1000 tokens?

Yes, you can. The reason we put a limit of a thousand tokens at once is that if you go over this limit, a red flag will be raised automatically in the Chaturbate token system. Which means that you'd risk losing your account, and of course, we do not want that to happen. So, we're practically forcing users to keep their accounts safe by only allowing a maximum of a thousand tokens at once.

Q: Why do I have to complete an offer to generate my tokens?

This Chaturbate token generator is being used by hundreds of people every single day. Making you complete an offer gives us something in return that helps to maintain the website and allows us to keep sharing this generator with the rest of the world by keeping the site accessible 24/7.

Q: Is this token hack really free?

Despite this being classified as a free tool, it might still be possible for some of the offers to require some form of payment. Sometimes there are no (free) offers available for your country. Your only option then would be to wait until new offers present themselves.